Trip Notes – Cycling Salamis to Karpaz Peninsula – North Cyprus

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Trip Notes - Cycling Salamis to Karpaz Peninsula - North Cyprus

Vivid Cyprus is an established North Cyprus holiday and tour agency which offers a personalised service for its clients before and during their Northern Cyprus holiday. As one of the pioneers of responsible tourism holidays in North Cyprus, including eco-tourism and agri-tourism related holidays, Vivid Cyprus is working hard to help conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the island.

Trip Name:Cycling Salamis to Karpaz Peninsula and return- North Cyprus
Trip No.13201
Trip Duration:8 days
Grading Explanation:1-5  (1-very easy; 2-easy; 3-challenging; 4-difficult; 5-very difficult)
Activity:Cycling on and off road
Accommodation :7 nights in 2 star hotel
Recommended time:Daily all year round

Overview of cycling tour

This cycling package takes you on a round trip from Famagusta to the tip of the Karpaz and back. It is a fine mixture of history, culture and nature. During the start of this tour you will be exploring a medieval town surrounded by strong walls steeped in history, whichever corner you turn. You will then cycle to the ruins of Salamis and see how the Hellenes and the Romans lived 2000 years ago.

Following the route up to the Karpaz, you will come across quaint, picturesque villages with their welcoming coffee shops where you can chat with the locals who might just suggest unexpected places for you to take a look at. You will enjoy the nature, the sea views, the beaches, historical places and – our old friends of Karpaz, the roaming donkeys. These cycling routes are designed so you can visit sights of historical importance such as the mosaics of Agias Trias at Sipahi or the ruins of Aphendrika. The most beautiful beach on the island is the Golden Beach – a short stop is a must! You will pass by on the way to the Orthodox pilgrim place Apostolos Andreas, almost at the tip of the peninsula.

This trip requires moderate cycling experience. You will be cycling predominantly on main roads and also will be cycling some gentle hills but remember whatever goes up, comes down so rolling downhill in compensation will be a pleasure!

Your accommodation on the way will be in small and friendly eco-orientated guesthouses and hotels allowing you the chance to experience the renowned Cypriot hospitality.

Merida Crossway bikes 10/20 with saddlebags, rack and a bike lamp will be provided (helmet will be provided but you can bring your own if you wish). If you have more luggage because of a planned extension of your stay, you can leave it in the hotel in Famagusta from where you can pick it up at the end of your trip.

Itinerary at a glance

Day 1 – Arrive in North Cyprus, settle in the hotel

Day 2 – Optional ride to Famagusta town, cycle through the Salamis Ruins and Barnabas church and return to Yeniboğaziçi – 22 km

Day 3 – Cycle Yeniboğaziçi to Mehmetcik – 30 km

Day 4 – Cycle Mehmetcik to Dipkarpaz – 45.6 km

Day 5 – Cycle Dipkarpaz to Apostolos Andreas Monastery and back to Dipkarpaz – 48 km – return

Day 6 – Cycle Dipkarpaz to Büyükkonuk – 52.6 km

Day 7 – Cycle Büyükkonuk back to Yeniboğaziçi – 29 km

Day 8 – Trip concludes

Detailed itinerary

DAY 1 – The trip begins with check in to your hotel.

DAY 2 – Famagusta and around – 22 km – no Ascent – Descent .  On this package, you will be accommodated in a hotel out of town. One of our team members will meet you there in the morning and you will receive your bicycle and accessories, cycling and hiking maps and other travel related information.  Due to the heavy traffic in and out of Famagusta town, we have two options here for you. First option would be to take the taxi (or bus) to town and explore it on foot. Option two would be to cycle into town. It’s about 12 km away.  Whichever option you choose, you shall still visit Salamis ruins and St Barnabas church by bike.

DAY 3 – Yeniboğaziçi to Mehmetcik 30 km – Ascent 261 m – Descent 197. Having explored Famagusta and around on day 2, you will start now your journey towards Karpaz. As you start cycling, you will notice the traffic thinning and the landscape changing and becoming much more pleasing on the eye.  After passing through Boğaz, a nice fishing harbour, rolling hills and ploughed fields come into view.  You finish day 3 cycling up a hill with a gentle ascent. Mehmetcik awaits for you.  A rest in the hotel is well deserved. The hotel is positioned on a promontory with fantastic views to the fields below.

DAY 4 – Mehmetcik to Dipkarpaz – 45.6 km – Ascent 581 m – Descent 540 m. On this day, you will start with a downhill ride towards Kumyalı.  It then levels out for a while as you are cycling along the main Karpaz road almost parallel to the southern coast of the peninsula. You reach a crossing point and from there you ‘abandon’ the main road and take a secondary quiet road passing by Boltaşlı,  Avtepe and Kaleburnu. It is a very pleasant ride. As you are coming towards the end, you will have to cross the eastern end of the Besparmak range to get to Dipkarpaz. Pumping hearts but you are now near the destination of Day 4.

DAY 5 – Dipkarpaz to Apostolos Andreas Monastery and back to Dipkarpaz – 48 km – return. Today’s journey starts from the village of Dipkarpaz.  You cycle from the hotel to the centre of the village and after finding the direction / sign for Apostolos Andreas (Zafer Burnu), you follow it, until you arrive at the destination. There are some beaches to explore on the way. Take the detours and enjoy the beautiful sandy dunes, but please do not rıde on the beach! You will see many donkeys today.

DAY 6 – Dipkarpaz to Büyükkonuk – 52.6 km . Today is the longest of the rides. You leave the village of Dipkarpaz behind and cycle on the main road.  Fantastic views of the northern shore in sight. After a while, you will follow the sign to Agia Trias, where there are floor mosaics from an early christian basilica. We recommend you stay and see them before continuing cycling through the village of Sipahi towards Yeni Erenköy. You continue to Balalan and Mehmetcik  until you reach Büyükkonuk, your final stop for the day. You will find the signs for a restored old mill in the village, courtesy of a USAID project. Optional visit.

DAY 7 – Büyükkonuk to Yeniboğaziçi – 29 km.  Ascent 174 m – Today you will make your way back to the start.  You follow the sign for Kilitkaya and cycle through the village of Ergazi. When you reach Boğaztepe, you have a couple of options. You can cycle directly back to the hotel or you can take the left fork and stop by Boğaz harbour, a lovely spot to have a leisurely refreshment. Enjoy this moment before you return back to the hotel.

DAY 8 – Trip concludes.

What’s included:

  • Meeting with one of our team members
  • Maps, descriptions and general advice
  • 2-3 star hotel accommodation B&B
  • Delivered Bikes and accessories : pump, set of tools, inner tubes, saddle bag, bike lamp, helmet.

What’s not included:

  • Flights
  • Airport transfers

Optional extras and extensions

Should you require the above services or upgrade to half board, we are happy to arrange for you. If you would like to extend your stay in Cyprus before or after the basic package we are also happy to arrange this, whether you would like to just stay in one place to relax or to tour around other places for a few extra nights.

Getting there
By car and ferryDriving routes can be accessed via the following website: You drive to the south of Turkey and take a ferry from Mersin to Kyrenia.
By airThe nearest International airport is Ercan (flying via Turkey). Alternatively you can fly directly to Larnaca, but the transfer cost to your hotel becomes more expensive if you fly via the south airport(s). We recommend that you arrange your transfer prior to your departure. Vivid Cyprus is able to organize flights and airport transfers for you. They are in addition to this package.

Trip grading – moderate

Cycling routes are generally on the main road, around villages and along the coastline. The degree of difficulty increases with the uphill parts but generally they are undulating. Most of the cycling is done on tarmac but there are also some off road areas.


Bikes are provided for you with helmets and accessories.

Other gear required

Wet weather gear, sunscreen, sun hat (when not wearing helmet), walking shoes.


Comfortable 2 to 3 star accommodation, family run, all with en suite facilities. The holiday starts with a guesthouse at the heart of the town of Famagusta in a family run place with warm atmosphere which also offers family bikes to wonder around the old town. You then move to the unspoilt Karpaz peninsula and enjoy our recommended eco style guesthouses. You will be able to enjoy amazing sunsets.


Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate with 320 days of sunshine a year. Summers are hot and dry and last from June to September. Winters are changeable with cold and warmer weather alternating. Autumn in October/November and spring in April/May are short and the transition between winter and summer is rapid. Rain falls mainlyin winter and outside these months precipitation israre therefore flora is much richer in flowers and lush looking in March/April than in September/October but sea temperature is warmer in autumn. Average summer temperatures in the coast are between 25 – 34 degrees C.

Average rainy days

Trip Notes - Cycling Salamis to Karpaz Peninsula - North CyprusTrip Notes - Cycling Salamis to Karpaz Peninsula - North CyprusTrip Notes - Cycling Salamis to Karpaz Peninsula - North Cyprus

How to book

To book with Vivid Cyprus, simply choose your activity and select the dates that suit you. We will receive your application in our system with the hotels you have picked and will book them for you. If those hotels are not available we will choose similar accommodation depending on your activity. Our experts will then correspond with you and let you know the details closer to the date of reaching the island.

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Trip Notes - Cycling Salamis to Karpaz Peninsula - North Cyprus

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