Trip notes – Cycling Korucam & hiking around Küçük Erenköy – North Cyprus

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Vivid Cyprus is an established North Cyprus holiday and tour agency which offers a personalised service for its clients before and during their Northern Cyprus holiday. As one of the pioneers of responsible tourism holidays in North Cyprus, including eco-tourism and agri-tourism related holidays, Vivid Cyprus is working hard to help conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the island.

Trip Name:Cycling Korucam and hiking around Kucuk Erenkoy, North Cyprus
Trip No.13232
Trip Duration:7 days
Grading Explanation:1-5  (1-very easy; 2-easy; 3-challenging; 4-difficult; 5-very difficult)
Activity:Hiking on and off road
Accommodation :6 nights in 2 star hotel
Recommended time:Daily all year round


Overview of this tour

With this package, we are offering you a set of trails in two different areas of north Cyprus: North West in the Korucam area and North East near Esentepe so you would make the most of countryside in a short period of time.

Initially biking will be around Korucam. Several nature trails have been marked around the area suitable for cycling and hiking.  They start in the village of Korucam and then diverge in different directions but in all of them, due to the proximity to the sea and the altitude of the trail, the views are magnificent. There is a pine forest on the way and the area is dotted with carob and olive trees.

After experiencing the thrilling rides of Korucam, you will be transferred to Küçükerenköy village. On the first day you will do a circular hike baptised ‘the tunnel walk’ as it goes through a very short tunnel and on the second day you will hiking part of the Beşparmak trail starting from the charming monastery of Antiphonitis following the ridge towards east, passing above   the village of Mallidağ until the pass road, where you will be picked up.

As for the accommodation, you will be initially settled in a nicely decorated guesthouse in the village of Korucam/Kormacit which is inhabited by Maronites. Located north west of Cyprus, it is one of two villages in North Cyprus where Maronites live. The Maronites belong to the Roman Catholic Church, they migrated to Cyprus from Lebanon because of continuous persecution.  After Korucam, the transfer will take you to Kuçükerenköy in a guesthouse which takes pride in protecting the environment by producing 50 % of their electric consumption from solar panels. You will enjoy views over the sea and Beşparmak mountain range.

B&H korucam - esentepe

Itinerary at a glance

Day 1 – Settle in the guesthouse in Korucam / Kormacit

Day 2 –  Cycle the purple trail around Korucam – 18 km

Day 3 – Cycle the blue trail around Korucam– 28 km

Day 4 – Cycle the yellow trail around Korucam– 23 km, check out from Kormacit guesthouse, transfer to Küçükerenköy

Day 5 –– Hike – The circular tunnel walk   – 6 km

Day 6 – Hike from Antiphonitis Church towards east to Tatlisu pass  – 12.4 km

Day 7 – Return or Prolongation

Detailed itinerary

DAY 1 – Settle in the guesthouse in Kormacit. Explore the village of Kormacit with its coffee shops and restaurants.

DAY 2 – Cycle the purple trail – 18 km  – ascent 180 m– this is a linear trail ( 9 km to the beach). Prepare yourself for a rocky ride! In fact this trail is completely off road apart from the first 5 minutes. It starts at the center of the village by the church and ends up at a small rocky beach by the sea. There is a very small sandy beach nearby. The terrain is quite rough and it varies from muddy, to stony, to rocky in parts, and sandy at the end. If you love off road biking, this is for you.

DAY 3 – Cycle the blue trail – 28 km – ascent 290m – You leave the village cycling through its narrow streets. You then cycle through the fields passing the cemetery on your left. The ride takes you down a valley and then off you go, up again. After crossing the main road, you will come to a long stretch of road, almost like a gravelled highway. You will pick up some speed here. When you come near the village of Akdeniz, you have the option of making a detour to Caretta Restaurant or carry on to the village.

DAY 4 – Cycle the yellow trail – 23 km – ascent 200m – This trail goes to the cape. Follow the sign for Sadrazamköy. After a few hundred meters, you will take a dirt path towards the beach. Take care as in the rainy season this can get very muddy. When you reach Sadrazamköy, you return to Korucam via the village road. This is an asphalt road but there is not much traffic on it.  Or alternatively if you want to give yourself a challenge Cycle the white trail – 44 km ascent 400 m. This is a very demanding trail and we recommend this only to very fit bikers.  You would be riding along the coastline for about 15 km with wonderful views and fresh air. Initially it follows the blue trail, than becomes part of the yellow trail and returns from Sadrazamköy on the asphalted village road. At the end of the day, you will be transferred to Küçükerenköy.

DAY 5 – Hiking- the ‘tunnel’ walk  – 6 km. Although short in distance, this is uphill for the first part. You will walk through a pine forest for a while. You may need the help of a walking stick in some steep downhill bits. At the bottom of the ravine you will find the entrance to the tunnel which is about 70 meters and you can walk it even without a flashlight. This generally makes for a moderate walk.

DAY 6 – Hiking Antiphonitis to Tatlisu pass– 12.4  km – This is a relatively short hike passing above the closely spaced villages of Yamacköy and Mallidağ. There is a bit of a climb for about 1 km at the start but most of middle section is level. If you are doing the trail during spring season you should be able to see lots of orchids on this section of the trail. The last bit you got to find your way through to the pass road where you will be picked up from the nearby expanded side strip.

DAY 7 – Return or prolongation

What’s included:

  • Visit by one of our team members
  • Maps, descriptions, GPS and general advise
  • 6 nights in 2 star guesthouse accommodation B&B
  • Internal transfers: Transfer from Kormacit village to Küçükerenköy and transfer to the start and pick up at Day 6 hike

What’s not included

  • Flights and Airport transfers

Optional extras and extensions

Should you require the above services or upgrade to half board, we are happy to arrange for you. If you would like to extend your stay in Cyprus before or after the basic package we are also happy to arrange this, whether you would like to just stay in one place to relax or to tour around other places for a few extra nights.


Getting there

By car and ferryDriving routes can be accessed via the following website: You drive to the south of Turkey and take a ferry from Mersin to Kyrenia.
By airThe nearest International airport is Ercan (flying via Turkey). Alternatively you can fly directly to Larnaca, but the transfer cost to your hotel becomes more expensive if you fly via the south airport(s). We recommend that you arrange your transfer prior to your departure. Vivid Cyprus is able to organize flights and airport transfers for you. They are in addition to this package.


Equipment provided

Maps, descriptions, GPS and general advise

Trip grading – moderate

Other gear required

Wet weather gear, sunscreen, sun hat (when not wearing helmet), walking shoes.


Your first accommodation is in Kormacit / Korucam village. A lovely, recently renovated guesthouse surrounded by pines tree is situated right in the middle of village, a stone through away from the coffee shops and restaurants. Kormacit is a small quiet village during the week but bustling with life on the week end. İt is inhabited by maronites, an old minority in Cyprus.

Then you move on to Kucuk Erenkoy on the north eastern part of the island. Your accommodation is situated about 400 m from the sea. All of the bedrooms in this guesthouse are situated within three stone-built bungalows, each of which has been tastefully decorated in a traditional style. In efforts to reduce the accommodations impact on the environment the owner has installed solar panels next to the guesthouse which supply over 50% of the accommodations electricity. He has also used energy-saving lighting throughout the bungalows and the restaurant.


Cyprus enjoys an intense Mediterranean climate with 320 days of sunshine a year. Summers are hot and dry and last from June to September. Winters are changeable with cold and warmer weather alternating. Autumn in October/November and spring in April/May are short and the transition between winter and summer is rapid. Rain falls mainlyin winter and outside these months precipitation israre therefore flora is much richer in flowers and lush looking in March/April than in September/October but sea temperature is warmer in autumn. Average summer temperatures in the coast are between 25 – 34 degrees C.



Average rainy days

  avg rainy days per month in cyprus


How to book

To book with Vivid Cyprus, simply choose your activity and select the dates that suit you. We will receive your application in our system with the hotels you have picked and will book them for you. If those hotels are not available we will choose similar accommodation depending on your activity. Our experts will then correspond with you and let you know the details closer to the date of reaching the island.


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