42th Guzelyurt Orange Festival

42th Guzelyurt Orange Festival

Throughout the year there are many cultural celebrations, festivals, and events in North Cyprus. Since 1977, the Orange Festival, organized by Guzelyurt Municipality has been the venue for a festival that originally celebrated the orange harvest. It has now expanded, and during the festival week, various concerts, competitions, and art events are performed.

Guzelyurt Orange Festival 2019

The festival involves schools, local business organizations and dance troupes, and the town is decorated with an orange theme. The festival lasts around two weeks, and starts with a parade through Guzelyurt, starting around 6 pm. This is followed by a calendar of events, mainly taking place in the fairground around 7 pm.

North Cyprus events

These events include art exhibitions, folk dancing displays, pop concerts, beauty contests and music recitals. As its name suggests, the festival is also a great opportunity to taste the world-famous Cyprus oranges.

42th Orange Festival in Guzelyurt

1st Halloumi Festival in Dilekkaya

Dilekkaya hellim Festival

The village of Dilekkaya, which is famous for the production of halloumi, is organizing the 1st Halloumi Festival on Sunday, June 16th.

Dilekkaya Halloumi Festival will be held between 10: 00-22: 00, at the festival which will take place at Dilekkaya Village Square.

Değirmenlik Municipality Folk Dance Ensemble, Dilekkaya Dance Team, Akdoğan Municipality Folk Dance Group, Otantik Group, and many more shows will be performing at the festival.

The festival will end with the concert of SOS, one of the popular in North Cyprus.

10th Lefke Annual Walnut Festival

walnut festivalThe 10th Walnut Festival will take place on the 5th and 6th June 2019 in Lefke town center. There is a range of events planned over the two days of the festival to include concerts, folk dancing, exhibitions, and guided tours.

The town of Lefke is located near Guzelyurt and is a place rich in North Cyprus history and tradition. The festival will provide visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local culture and learn more about this historical town nestled between the coastline and the mountains and lined with lush citrus groves.

There are some interesting examples of Ottoman architecture to be seen here. In medieval times it was a prosperous mining town due to the presence of copper and gold ore in the mountains.  In fact, the word “Lefke” originates from the Turkish word for Copper.

Lefke is also an accredited member of “Cittaslow” an organization whose roots are in Italy and whose aims include:

  • Making life better for everyone living in an urban environment
  • Improving the quality of life in the cities
  • Promoting cultural diversity and uniqueness of individual cities
  • Provide inspiration for a healthier lifestyle

Lovely weekend in Karpaz, North Cyprus

Lovely weekend in Karpaz, North Cyprus

lovely weekend in karpaz - north cyprus

Having just spent a lovely weekend in Karpaz, North Cyprus, I feel I should write a few words of thanks to Kaleidoskop Turizm/Vivid Cyprus of Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

We drove down there on Friday evening, arriving at our hotel, Villa Lembos, around 8pm. Our reception was friendly and helpful and we were accommodated in a bungalow style room surrounded by a lovely central grassy garden. Having arrived quite late we decided to eat at the hotel and enjoyed a really nicely cooked meal of mixed meat kebabs and my wife had sea bass. Everything was so fresh.

The following morning we were not really hungry but decided to go to breakfast as we planned to spend the rest of the day on a secluded, peaceful beach. We were glad we did as the breakfast was a beautifully presented “mini meze” of fried egg, cheeses, olives, tomato, cucumber, fried potatoes accompanied by honey, homemade jam, various breads, yoghurt, juice and tea or coffee. We certainly did not need anything more until dinner time!

So thanks again Vivid Cyprus and Villa Lembos for making my birthday weekend so memorable.

From Don, Alsancak