Ways to travel with us

Vivid Cyprus has ways to travel that suit everyone.

Whether you want to be with your partner or with family and friends, meet other travellers in a small group program or arrange your own private small group tour, we definitely have the holiday travel option for you.


Independent (Self-guided) Travel

More and more travellers, be they just with their partner, a couple of good friends or their family are choosing to see the world in a more independent way. Our private/independent packages are perfect for such travellers who want to really experience North Cyprus in their own way. We provide you with some basic guidance, and organize all the more fiddly and time-consuming bits of travelling (such as the transfers, car-hire and accommodations) so you don’t have to worry. All you need to do is arrive to Cyprus and then have all the fun of exploring the island in your own-way. Take the longer route if you fancy; have a lie-in and a late breakfast chatting with new friends if you prefer; or take the extra time to explore a favourite place of interest or have that second drink at a sea-front restaurant. Of course we will always be on-hand for advice and support if required as well. If you like the look a couple of our different packages we can combine them together for you, or if you would like to make a package of your own we can tailor-make a package for you too!

More information on packages and tailor-made tours for independent travellers is coming soon.


Escorted (Guided) Travel

For those travellers who enjoy learning those extra in-depth details about countries they visit, we can provide you a package which includes tours and activities with specialist local guides, many of whom are experts in specific fields of interest in Cyprus. If you are passionate about local culture, ancient history and archaeology for example we can prepare a package where you will be joined on various days by a locally-living guide who also has a keen passion and detailed knowledge of the cultural heritage of the island.  Whether you are interested in culture and history, nature and wildlife, local cuisine and traditional foods, of if you just enjoy learning that bit extra about everything in general, our escorted travel packages will be the best option for you. We can arrange guided travel packages for solo travellers, couples, families and small groups of friends. To get an idea about the kind of packages we offer, activities we can arrange and places you might like to visit then please view our general packages for ideas (all of which can be organized on a guided basis if requested). Then get in contact with us and let us know a bit about what you would like to do and your travel interests and preferences and we will arrange a fantastic, tailor-made escorted holiday package for you.

More information on escorted (guided) packages and tailor-made escorted tours is coming soon.


Small Group (Guided) Travel

Small group travel is one of our specialities, and we have been organising programs of this kind in Cyprus for more than 20 years. Join like-minded travellers and a local guide as you explore all the best sites the beautiful island of Cyprus has to offer. Although travelling on a small group package is kinder on your wallet, the real benefits of such travel come and from the in-depth knowledge and experiences of a local guide, and from meeting new people, some of whom may become close-friends for life. Our small group programs have the perfect balance between planned activities and free-time to explore by yourself or with some of your new found friends from the tour. Group-size is small enough so that you don’t feel like you’re just another face in the crowd, but large enough so that you have the chance to connect with a few different people and our local guide. Solo travellers, couples, friends and small families are all welcome on our small group travel programs, and however you’re travelling you won’t have to worry about any organizing at all. Most of our small group packages take place on specific dates, and you can browse through the type of programs we offer via our package search. Alternatively contact us and let us know you’re interested in these types of programs in Cyprus and we’ll keep you posted when new packages and dates become available.

More information on escorted small group travel is coming soon.


Private Group Travel

All of our independent package programs can also be arranged for private groups. We can also tailor-make private group travel programs to suit your group’s needs, and you can choose to have a guide or have a go independently. For larger private groups we always include one of our specialist local guides, as their knowledge is invaluable and they have excellent experience ensuring that everyone in the group is having a fantastic time.  We have first-rate experience in organising educational programs for school and university groups, but have also customized private programs for walking and hiking groups and for groups’ interested in general site-seeing and cultural experiences exploring the entire island. Private groups can pick their own dates of travel and will receive personalized attention during program organization and customization, and of course throughout your stay in-country.   You don’t have to worry about organising anything, including flights if preferred, and can then just have Vivid Cyprus as your one port of call for all organizing – which takes away all the stress!

More information on private group travel is coming soon.