Company Policy

Kaleidoskop/VIVID CYPRUS Company Policy

The company’s mission is to promote rural and activity based tourism by leaving a positive legacy behind.

Kaleidoskop/VIVID CYPRUS offers unique, tailored holidays and does this by supporting and encouraging existing and new types of responsible tourism activities in the northern part of Cyprus.

Kaleidoskop/VIVID CYPRUS offers activity breaks and tries to connect tourists with local people, offers ways to explore their culture, discover their nature and history of Cyprus while they enjoy this beautiful island.

Kaleidoskop/VIVID CYPRUS strives to empower local providers of eco-tourism to market their products and services successfully at the international level.

Kaleidoskop/VIVID CYPRUS does this by:

  • Bringing together all the providers involved in responsible types of tourism (eco/green/rural) in the rural areas of northern Cyprus and allowing them to compete on an international scale as one unit in order to gain a slice of the European market;
  • Attracting a number of international visitors interested in responsible tourism to the east and north west areas with the aim of creating demand for a diverse range of activities like wildlife watching, horse riding, cycling, diving, hiking. This policy will increase the competitiveness of turkish cypriot economy and consequently will enhance the long term viability of this types of tourism in the northern part of Cyprus. Kaleidoskop believes that this will create a knock-on effect on sustainable farming as there will be increased demand for organic and farmed food.
  • Preserving natural and cultural heritage as the local community becomes more aware of the potential for responsible tourism and learns how to value and protect the environment, culture and traditions for the future.


Kaleidoskop/VIVID CYPRUS is determined to complete the missing link for strengthening responsible tourism activities in the north of Cyprus by:

  • Creating projects that encourage innovation, aiming at introducing new processes and new organizations.
  • Project which require cooperation between one or more partners.
  • Projects that contribute to job creation, and /or that can foster other positive effects on local economy
  • Projects that involve women and people under 40 years old.
  • Projects which fit with the priorities mentioned within the proposed local development strategies proposed in the rural areas.


Employment guideline

Staffs are required to hold academic, work or life experience that would enable Kaleidoskop/VIVID CYPRUS to make full use of their strengths and capacities in the day to day operations.  Strong emphasis is given hiring local experts. Local guides are required to have in-depth knowledge of the island and have to have obtained government approved licenses.

Kaleidoskop does not discriminate based on racegenderreligionnational originphysical or mental disabilityagesexual orientation, or gender identity.

Environmental impact

Aiming at increasing the numbers of visitors in the island, Kaleidoskop/VIVID CYPRUS realizes that this could cause negative environmental impact with issues such as trampling and littering. However the promotional material we use, include information on responsible tourism and encourage visitors not to litter, stick to the paths, etc.  As the target market will be aimed at tourists specifically interested in responsible tourism, it is felt that this impact would be negligible. The increase in the number of visitors will be considered as a valuable asset by the local community, therefore they will be encouraged to conserve and protect the environment and this will bring a long term positive environmental impact.