About Us

About Us”

Vivid Cyprus is an established North Cyprus holiday and tour agency which offers a personalised service for its clients before and during their Northern Cyprus holiday. As one of the pioneers of responsible tourism holidays in North Cyprus, including eco-tourism and agri-tourism related holidays, Vivid Cyprus is working hard to help conserve the natural and cultural heritage of the island. Whether you are interested in a multi-stop North Cyprus holiday, a one-stop Kyrenia holiday, Famagusta holiday, or Karpaz holiday, or if you’re looking for North Cyprus walking, cycling, eco or special interest holidays, we can help design the perfect holiday for you.

Vivid Cyprus has been providing holidays, hotels and tours in North Cyprus for more than 20 years. We are able to offer our guests an efficient, reliable and quality service as well as a guarantee that we will do everything within our power to ensure that your North Cyprus holiday is everything you want it to be and more.

North Cyprus, due to it being a politically unrecognised state, is often overlooked as a Mediterranean holiday destination. This has actually been of great benefit to the country as it has meant many of the beautiful natural landscapes, ancient historic sites, traditional villages and superb beaches have remained relatively untouched by development and mass tourism, and many visitors find it a far cry from the ‘concrete coasts’ that now cover most Mediterranean resorts.

Northern Cyprus has truly become a holiday destination that has something for everyone. Warm, welcoming people, delicious food,  golden sandy beaches, ancient ruins, hidden mountain castles, walking and cycling trails, climbing cliffs, wreck dives, stunning wildlife, tractor safaris, jeep tours, boat cruises, paragliding, aqua parks, play parks, cultural festivals, music events, and art exhibitions . Whether you want to combine a typical ‘sun, sea and sand’ type holiday in Kyrenia (Girne) with a few nights exploring the natural and cultural beauty of the Karpaz Peninsula in a rural guesthouse and one night in a stylish five star beach-front hotel in Famagusta or whether you are a keen adventurer wanting to explore all the corners of the island by bike and foot, we will be able to provide the perfect holiday in North Cyprus for you.

As well as offering a wide variety of holiday options in North Cyprus, we are also working hard to develop more responsible forms of travel, such as eco-tourism and agri-tourism holidays, which can help contribute to the long-term protection of the island’s natural environment, traditional culture and historic sites. Responsible travel holidays include accommodation at some lovely rural guesthouses, which are often family-run and can be similar to a farm-stay.

To find out more about Vivid Cyprus, our ethics and our efforts to create more responsible and sustainable forms of tourism in North Cyprus, then please refer to our page ‘Why Travel with Us’.

If you’re interested in finding out more about whether Northern Cyprus is the right Mediterranean holiday destination for you, then please refer to our North Cyprus Destination Guide, where you will find lots of information on things to see and do in North Cyprus, as well as lots of useful travel information about flights, visas, crossing the border and local currencies.

Already decided that North Cyprus is your next Mediterranean holiday destination?

Then you can browse through our holiday and hotel options which are available on our website, or Contact Us directly if you have any queries and would like us to recommend which holidays and accommodations will be suitable for you.

Personalised, tailor-made holidays are our speciality. If you would like to combine holiday options, stay at several different accommodations, or really get out and explore the island, then we are always happy to help you design your perfect holiday.


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